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Indica Young – You Cant Fuck Me Hard Enough

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I know it’s been a while since I posted any new Indica Young porno so here’s a few new caps from one of this perverted young mom’s latest amateur hard-core fuck film. In this video, Indica decided she needed some erection so she set up the bedroom and coaxed the old man into her bedroom. Of course – this little bitch didn’t hunger for just any erection, she needed the fat erection of an old man to please her sloppy wet little cunt – after all, teenagers like whopping peckers too. See the gallery here or visit Glass Mannequin to see the entire video.

blonde sucking cock

Blonde coed Indica Young Sucking Cock

Give a young mom enough erection and she’s sure to keep coming back for more and the perverted young mom here is no exception – she’s a bitch and she loves a fat fucking erection.  Despite her petite size, this little bimbo can fuck with the best of them – fold the little cunt in half,  stuff your erection in her face and after the erection-sucking, fuck the little bitch’s brains out!

petite cocksucker Indica Young

Fold Her In Half And Fuck Her

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Kacey Dean Anal

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Kacey Dean Anal Kacey Dean Anal

Kacey Dean Anal @ We brought 18 year old Kacey back for one more video clip, this time to have her virgin, barely legal, asshole demolished by none other than Sledgehammer and his fat anal intruder. This is one bold teen, or maybe the correct term is naive, as she soon finds out that having a black beef roast this size shoved repeatedly up a tight young anus is not for the squeamish! Kacey adopts a get-it-over-with attitude, and perseveres through the ordeal before kneeling and taking the results of her ass-busting in her mouth!

Kacey Dean Anal Kacey Dean Anal

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Julie Ellis

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Julie Ellis Julie Ellis

Julie Ellis @ 19 year old Julie looks like she just stepped off the bus, from somewhere in Smalltown USA. She hears a commotion from a nearby alley, and decides to see for herself what it’s all about. As she approaches, she notices half a dozen black dudes shooting craps, and decides it’s best if she just walks on by, trying not to get noticed. Unfortunately she is distracted by all this ghetto scenery, and doesn’t realize that she is walking right through the middle of the dice action. The gang decides that this is an act which deserves punishment, and before she knows it, she is whisked inside a nearby door, and is face to face with the gang of 6, and a well worn mattress. erections start coming out, and Julie is put to her knees to begin a gangbang ordeal that she doesn’t seem to be able to talk her way out of. From here on, it’s a free for all of fucking and sucking, and it seems every time Julie tries to come up for air, someone jumps in and pumps her mouth full of jungle juice! Don’t feel too sorry for coed Julie though, at the end we learn that maybe all is not as it seems, and maybe this was just the encounter she was after when she strolled through the crap shoot.

Julie Ellis Julie Ellis

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Maxi Booty In Vegas

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Teen porno model Maxi Booty was in Vegas for the week and as usual, this sexy coed was looking to get some penis. When she ran into her old friend Richard Nailder she figured she could get a fat penis and take care of her sex lusting after for at least a few hours. Max started porno with Richard’s program doing her very first porno movie for Bring Me Your Sister and then doing another two dozen sets for Richard before she decided to break away form the amateur clip and go do porno for a few of the whopping names like Reality Kings and Bang Brothers. Despite working for the “whopping boys”, Maxi Booty always comes back to her old friend Richard Nailder and does a set for her friends at Glass Mannequin.

It’s obvious that the hard-bodied athletic Maxi and Richard get along and it’s just as obvious that this sexy coed model has no problem fucking the much older man from her hometown. In fact, Maxi openly admits that she prefers older men that know how to take care of her lifestyle needs as well as her sexual needs. So – if you’re over 40, don’t worry, you still have a chance with this cute dark haired floozy – see the entire porno movie at Glass Mannequin

But Maxi wasn’t in Vegas alone – her friend Dakota Lay (see more of Dakota Lay on Bring Me Your Sister) had been filming and when Richard had her wipe his hot sticky cream of her girlfriend, it was a little embarrassing for her. Maxi loved it but Dakota was a little shocked that Richard made her clean up his cream. We’re still trying to get Dakota to set for Glass Mannequin so stay tuned.

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Maxi Booty – My First Lesbian Encounter

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I’m not a carpet-muncher ad so it was a little weird when one of the coeds helping with one of my sets started hitting on me during the shoot. It helped that I was already a bit horny from the excitement of getting unclad in front of a camera, that has always turned me on, but I doubt I would have let the coeds any where near my cooch had I not already been a little turned on. But as soon as the super-cute Colorado babe Indica Young reached over and stroked my bald little cooch, I knew I wanted more of her delicate touch. In fact, I wanted more than her touch…. I wanted to feel the cute little flaxen’s warm tongue on my already puffy clit. I wanted her to fuck me!

Indica Young Touches Maxi Booty In Her First Lesbian Encounter

Indica Young Touches Maxi Booty In Maxi’s First carpet-muncher Encounter

What the fuck? Indica was supposed to be running the camera but I soon found myself trying to hold the camera as the small teen licked my wet little cooch. In fact, she was so good at devouring the bean that I had a little trouble holding the camera steady as I climaxed during my first carpet-muncher encounter. The sensation of a babe devouring my cooch was wonderful, she seemed to know what I wanted and responded perfectly to my quivers and spasms making me climax multiple times before taking the camera and letting me return the favor. Best part is we were shooting for my friend at Real Colorado Girls and so all of you can watch my first carpet-muncher video clip by joining today. Members of Real Colorado Girls get too see more of my girl next door smut, including my first dozen vids, with one membership that with any other site on the internet so join today.

Filming My First Lesbian Encounter maxibooty indicayoung gnd 1tm

Filming My First carpet-muncher Encounter

Sure I enjoyed fucking a babe but I’m still not carpet-muncher – but don’t be surprised if you catch me muff diving again in the future and the best place to see me most is on Real Colorado Girls

Hard-bodied Teenager Loves A Fat Meat

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Hard-bodied coed Angel Cakes did her first porno with us and every time we invite her back she gets all excited….. something about loving a cock that so oversized it hurts just a bit. You know, not to much that she’s injured but oversized enough to stretch out her small pussy and leave her with this “I’ve been properly fucked” feeling.Angel not only has a superlative teen ass, she also has a cute smile, perky teen boobs and a wet little teenage cunt.

Angel Cakes Bends Over And Shows Us Her booty angelcakes oldny gnd homemade outdoor amateur teen sbj bfc xxxp

Angel Cakes Bends Over And Shows Us Her Booty

For those of you that don’t know Angel – or her excellent teen ass – I put up a few pics of her sucking and fucking the fat cock of Richard Nailder in one of her first explicit movies ever. Angel had a hard time getting the old man’s fat cock in her mouth but he later told us that she’s pretty talented cock-sucker for such a young looking teenager. See her take his monster cock in her small little cunt now.

Teenage Slut Angel Cakes Sucks The Old Man's Fat Cock

Teenage harlot Angel Cakes Sucks The Old Man’s Fat Cock

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$500 For My Sister

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Yes it’s true, I sold my stupid little sister to the old man for $500 in money – and then I filmed the old fucker doing all kinds of errant stuff to the little cunt and posted the shoot on Bring Me Your Sister.  Hell, I don’t even remember what the little cunt did to piss me off but there is no way I’m passing on the chance to shoot my sister fucking, especially if I’m getting paid to do it. In this shoot, my 18-year-old sister lets me get real close with the camera so we have a lot of marvelous closeups of my sister’s pointy boobs and small little muffy as the old man grudge-fucks my sister then cums deep inside her shaved little cunt – creampie for my sister…..     You can see a few free shoots of my sister fucking or download all of my sister’s videos – either way, enjoy.

$500 For My Sister petite plts brunette teen eighteen sisp xxxp bfc lnpls oldny gns

$500 For My Sister – Delilah Daze

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Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood Friends – Holie-marie

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Mmm Holie-Marie – I fucking thought she was going to choke to death. That would just suck to have a dead teen in my yard – but as luck would have it, none of her gagging was fatal.

HolieMarie Sucks Mr. Richard's Cock sbj teen amateur pbts blonde oldny xxxp gnd

Holie Marie Sucks Mr. Richard’s Cock

If you had been at my apartment that night, you would have sworn that someone was getting killed but relax, it was just Hoile-Marie gagging and screaming as I shoved my colossal penis in her mouth and super tight teen vagina. You really should check out the full video!

Maddy’s Swollen Pink Beaver

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Everyone that knows me knows that I love pink twats an one of my favorite twats belongs to the sexy redhead teen, Maddy Marks. babes do smut for different reasons and Maddy is all about the bucks – sure she had a lot of fun but her little pussy was so little that it always hurt a bit when I fucked her – not so much that she couldn’t tolerate it – but enough that if she were fucking for fun, she would have chosen a guy with a smaller pecker – yes there is hope for the average guy ;-) . That said, Maddy is a terrific teenager and a lot of fun to fuck.You can see all of her vids by joining Glass Mannequin today.

Teen Redhead Maddy Marks

Teen Redhead Maddy Marks

But I promised to show you photograph of her fat pink pussy ;-) . This pic is actually from her first-ever smut video and it was the first time I had ever seen her first-class little cunt. Glass Mannequin teenager Maddy Marks had been a perverted teenager and deserved a good ass whipping so I pulled off her blue jeans and proceeded to give her a proper ass whipping – problem was, I kept getting distracted by her first-class pink pussy. It looked so sweet that I could hardly wait to taste it………..

My First Glimpse Of Maddy's Puffy Pink Pussy

My First Glimpse Of Maddy’s fat Pink Pussy

And yes – Maddy’s pink fat pussy tastes as good as it looks…..  Maddy was soon sucking my pecker in a lazy but comfortable 69 position with her first-class pink pussy directly in my face —- spreading her round ass cheeks, I tasted her wetness for the first time as the coed redhead lowered her pink pussy onto my waiting tongue for the first time.

Maddy's Puffy Pink Pussy

Maddy’s fat Pink Pussy

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Ricky’s Little Sister

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Some guy;s sister’s just can’t help but fuck things up – and Ricky’s sister is no exception. When Violet decided to play with her brother’s play-station without his permission, she probably didn’t plan on pulling milk can off the TV and wrecking it but WTF – the little cunt did wreck it and she had no fucking way to pay her brother back. short of fucking and letting him shoot it. In this real homemade sex movie, you get to watch a brother filming his sister fucking an older guy – as payback!

violetlittle petite teen amateur hym hot young mom 1tm sisp xxxp sister porn brunette big tits bnts gnd grudge oldny bfc sbj

Lucky for me – I’m the older guy ;-)
See – I run an add in the local paper asking guys if their sister has ever pissed them off – and giving them a way to extract a bit of vengeance on the little sluts. You would be amazed at how many brothers jump at the chance to film their little sisters in their first smut scene.

sister masturbating

For some sister’s it’s a real punishment but I get the sneaky feeling that Violet got a bit turned on fucking me as her brother filmed her – sick little cunt! And fuck me she did! This short teenager sure knew how to suck a guys cock! and that was just a start – soon she was taking my jumbo pecker deep in her tiny teen cunt – and I was fucking loving it!

Of course – as always – I have the entire homemade scene for you to watch at so be sure to check out Violet and Ricky and all of the other sick fucking brothers and sisters there.

Papa GMP