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Honey Dew

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I was digging in my archives when I found these exclusive video caps of the cute brunette Mexican Girl teen Honey Dew in her first porno movie. Honey was an 18-year old freckled babe with auburn hair and the cutest smile I had ever seen – she was also the first model I ever shot in a hardcore lesbo movie. These exclusive pics are from Honey’s first time on camera in her first on-camera lesbo experience that I shot for Glass Mannequin – you can see the full movie there.

Honey Dew - Lesbian Porn Audition

Honey Dew – lesbo porno Audition

Of course, the teenagers didn’t start out with the cunnilingus, the movie started with some pretty passionate babe-on-babe kissing, the two teenagers swapping spit in Honey’s first vid involving another babe. These teenagers are enjoying what they are doing and it shows.

Honey Dew - First Kiss On Camera

Honey Dew – First Kiss On Camera

If you like wet hair, wet teenagers and wet muffin then you are going to love this amateur lesbo porno audition movie. I’m not sure if it’s the way the teenagers giggle when they try out a new sex toy or the lipp-biting orgasm that Honey has as her girlfriend shows off her cunnilingus skills. You tell me – download the movie at Glass Mannequin, then comment on this post and tell me what you think. But first, two more pictures of the skinny Mexican Girl teen with the cute smile, adorable freckles and the perfcet coed tits.

Honey Dew - First Dildo Scene

Honey Dew – First sextoy Scene

There’s nothing like wet lesbo sex and these video caps show how hot two teenage teenagers can be if left alone to pleasure themselves. Join Glass Mannequin to download the full movie.

Honey Dew - First On-Camera Orgasm

Honey Dew – First On-Camera Orgasm

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Make My Sister Wince In Pain

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That’s right – make my fucking sister wince in pain as you grudge-fuck the skinny cunt for fucking up my shit. That’s the kind of thing we hear at Bring Me Your Sister all the time so when Mixie Roo’s brother got close with the camera and filmed his sister wincing in pain as the old man rammed his fat meat deep in the skinny slut’s dainty cunt and whispered “make my sister wince in pain”, we weren’t a bit surprised. Stream or download the full high-quality video on Bring Me Your Sister – members full get access three amateur smut sites featuring hundreds of exclusive amateur smut films and thousands of HD pictures.

Make My Sister Wince In Pain

Download the full video

Make My Sister Wince In Pain

Download the full video

Make My Sister Wince In Pain

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Coffee And A Creampie

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Delilah Daze needed a ride to work one afternoon and decide to stop by the neighbors dwelling to trade pussy for a ride. When she arrived, she interrupted the old man while he was making his coffee, getting ready to start his day. The old man just couldn’t control himself around this teenage sluts’ tight round ass, pointy boobs, and awesome olive skin and was soon overcome by her presence. This dirty little hoe road his boner like there was no tomorrow.

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The old man moved to the table to fill his hands with Delilahs’ soft phat ass. She bounced her ass up and down on the old mans dick while he plaid with the sluts itty bitty titties.

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She then gets bent over the kitchen table and nailed from behind. Curling her toes and screaming, this dirty little tramp cant get enough of the old fuckers’ boner. View the free trailer.

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Having had her coffee and creampie, Delilah Daze earned her ride to work – and since she paid with pussy, she figured she deserved it.

Download the WMV clip – or – Download the full video

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Little Black Teen In Trouble Again

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Jager Nightly is back and in trouble again. This time the dumb bimbo fucked up her brother’s cars and got it impounded owing him $750. They came to the old mans from the newspaper ad for help. Agreeing to help even the score it wasn’t long until the dirty old man had Ace’s  young sexy black sister bent over the table showing her brother her tight butt. To see more of this Interracial fuck fest Join Bring Me Your Sister

Sexy Black Teenage Girl

Sexy Black Teenage Girl

Putting the black cum dumpster on the table the old man starts to hammer her tight beaver harder and harder making her tiny cunt throb with every trust of is fat boner. This horny bimbo gets so dazed from the old mans whopping dick I think she forgot her brother was only inches away from her holding a camera… To watch the nasty brother get retaliation on his little sister  Download Full Video

Black Girl Gets Fucked By Old White Man

Black girl Gets Fucked By Old White Man

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Two Sisters Same Time

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It’s one thing when a brother talks his sister into doing porno but it’s a totally different thing when one sister talks the other into doing porno – and then joins in on the fun. That’s exactly what happened when the tattooed honey Blaze showed up at Bring Me Your Sister with her tattooed little sister – Blaze talked Maxi into doing her first explicit porno film – riding the same schlong as her sister did – only on Bring Me Your Sister – world’s best sister porno site.

Two Sisters Same Time blazeburnz maxibooty sisp orgy oldny 1tm amateur teen tattooed petite brunette hym eighteen

Two Sisters Same Time – Blaze And Maxi

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My Sister Can’t Cook…

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Kyanna Raves was never good in the kitchen. One day she was at her brother’s place and got hungry so she decided to make something to devour. With only a pot pie in the freezer she thought cooking it wouldn’t be hard at all.. Well this dumb brunette was wrong, putting the pot pie in the microwave like a dumb ass she caught the kitchen on fire.. (Metal does not go in the microwave…stupid cunt.) Any way this little sluts brother needs some quick easy coin to fix what his little sister fucked up.. Knowing that his dumb sister is pretty easy he took her to the old mans from the newspaper ad.. To see what they have in store for this little slut Join Bring Me Your Sister

Dumb Little Sister

Dumb Little Sister

It wasn’t long till this dick tease was down to her panties crawling to the old man, waiting for the pervert to take out his over-sized dick so she could shove it in her tiny warm mouth. The brother was very quite while he was holding the camera. I wonder what kind of naughty thoughts were going threw his felatio while watching his little sister be a slut… To watch this old man fuck this skinny whore…. Join Bring Me Your Sister

Teen Tight Ass

Teen Tight Ass

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Richard Nailder And Indica Young

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Indica Young looked over at me like I was insane for hungering for to shoot her fucking me but with a little coaxing, the petite Colorado Teenager was sure to be riding my cock with the cameras running so that all of you could enjoy watching this sexy petite teen being stuffed with fat cock and swallowing hot sticky  jizz. Look at the wet lips of this sexy teen, hell, that alone should get start the faint tingeing in the tip of your dick that is the start of any good sex encounter. And a sex encounter with this sexy teen mom will leave a smile on your face and your balls drained – I was looking misbehaving to it ;-)

indicayoung richardnailder amateur teen gnd xxxp oldny hym sbj

Indica Young and Richard Nailder

Just knowing that I would soon feel the wetness of her teen cunt wrapping itself around my cock brought it to a full cock – and hell, I’m almost 50 so that’s an achievement on it’s own. But then again, I’ve fucked this small teen mom before and I know how amazing her little cooder feels so of course I was excited.I also knew that Indica gives one of the best blowjobs a man could ever wish for so before I started hammering away at her shaved little cunt, I wanted this cute Colorado Girl to suck my cock like only she know how.  After a good cock-sucking, I fucked her as hard as an old man can and then filled the little whore’s mouth with a huge load of warm jizz.

sbj cumshot

Indica Young Swallows My jizz

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Addison Cain Turns Tricks For Treats!

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Still hung over from the Halloween party last night I soldiered on and drove around hunting for some teen pussy anyway. It was a ghost town out there but that didn’t faze me and my morning wood. Soon I spotted pretty blond teenager Addison Cain. She was wearing a sexy black fairy costume and an empty Halloween bucket. She was rather glum after receiving only a single candy after going apartment to apartment for over an hour. I tried to cheer her up by telling her that we had more candy in the studio. Once we arrived I filled her bucket with sweet treats and she was so grateful she went down on her knees and told me now it’s my turn to give you a treat and opened her mouth and sucked all ten inches of my dick! I then plunged my dick down her teen pussy and fucked her hard till I spewed man chowder all over her face! DOWNLOAD this Halloween treat ONLY at!

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Are You A Homegirl?

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What better thing for a real colorado homegirls to do on a cold winter night than than curl up in front of a warm fire and let the neighbor make a POV film of him finger her cunt? Finish the fucking film homie – film the little bimbo slobbering on you schlong as she chokes on your massive schlong, film yourself slamming your fat schlong balls deep in cute young milf that lives next door, then film the little cunt as you cover her monstrous natural boobs with cream. Stream and download the full 1080p video or check out some of the other sexy Real Colorado Girls either way you win.

Are You A Homegirl?

Download the full video

Are You A Homegirl?

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Angel Cakes First Porno Film

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Angel Cakes never thought she would be doing porno but after fucking her brother’s boyfriend……. (don’t ask)  her brother decided that his little sister needed a good revenge-fuck for her transgressions. Thanks to the perverts at Bring Me Your Sister, he would even get to video his sister getting fucked by the old bastard and there was nothing his sister could say that was gong to prevent him from from making her do porno. Angel is a cute eighteen year old brunette with a cute smile, perky little breasts, a shaved coed cunt and a terrific round ass.

Angel Cakes First Porn Video angelcakes xxxp sisp plts 1tm oldny bfc hcm sbj lnpls

Angel Cakes Brother Prepares To video Her In Her First porno Video

Soon after showing up at the doorstep of the Bring Me Your Sister crew, her brother had a camera in his hand and his sister was sprawled out on Richard Nailder’s couch as he licked her cunt for the first time on camera. Angel is a very shy  teen-next-door type and she was a little overwhelmed by having her brother there as she was getting eaten-out but there was nothing she could do to stop the old man and her brother wasn’t helping either.

Angel Cakes Gets Her Pussy Licked As Her Brother Films

Angel Cakes Gets Her cunt Licked As Her Brother Films

Not everyone’s sister is as cute as Angel Cakes and not everyone’s sister is willing to do porno but lucky for us, her brother was looking for retribution – and what better retribution than to make your sister suck a fat meat as you video it for the internet? Poor Angel did her best to ignore the fact that her errant brother was next to her as she proceeded to suck the old guy’s fat meat. Her brother enjoyed the hummer video clip but he was having a heard time waiting to see his sister fucking the old bastard – after all, the little cunt had fucked her brother’s friend and he she needed to pay.

Angel Cakes Sucks Cock For Her Brother

Angel Cakes Sucks meat For Her Brother

The good news is her brother put the tape of his sister fucking on the internet for everyone to enjoy. See Angel Cakes first porno film today at Bring Me Your Sister today and get full access to two additional sites featuring this hard-bodied teenager for the same price.